An Accounting Department may not always be needed in your company.

Moreover, getting Outsource Bookkeeping may be much more advantegous in terms of both cost and difficulties resulted from recruiting personnel. We can ensure for you recording of all your documents, the submission of your declarations, the drawing up of your balance sheets, income statements or other reports which are special for you and can continuously inform you about these issues. You can make use of our Outsource Bookkeeping Service which will be provided to you by us as if it was your interior department with our constant online service.

If your volume and intensity of work necessitate an Accounting Department in your business cooperation, we can assume the setting up and managing of this department for you. Thanks to our accounting program which is able to work as online network, we can always intervene and perform necessary controls on time. All legal declarations and reports to be delivered are submitted and signed under our responsibility and under CPA Control. In addition, the training and templates required for all kinds of special reports you shall request from the Acoounting Service may be included in the system by us.

Whether you get Outsource Bookkeeping or in your own business cooperation and controlled by us, all of your compulsory declarations to be submitted are signed and submitted by authorized CPAs. These declarations briefly comprise the monthly VAT, Withholding tax return, Quarterly Pre-Paid Corporate Taxes, Annual Corporate Tax and all of the other compulsory declarations.

In accordance with Turkey’s Tax Legislation, we can follow up for you your ‘’Tax Returns‘’ receivables which may arise out of various operations; make necessary arrangements and ensure the receipt of these tax returns from the state. By means of our skilled personnel particularly specialized in VAT Returns, we can realize your returns with minimum problem and as soon as possible.

It is very important to choose the right structure and type of the company to be established in Turkey in order to enable the investment, which you shall built in Turkey, to have a strong infrastructure. We can perform all trade registry operations of the company to be established on behalf of you and enable you to set at work on a right basis. We can provide all documents concerning establishment of the company, notify those documents to Trade Registry, Tax Offices and all other necessary agencies and turn your company over to you in a position which is ready to be in service.