Our strategic management services will add significant commercial value to your business.

For 35 years SRM have been providing strategic business consultancy and direction to businesses operating in Turkey. We have helped businesses of all sizes operate more effectively and efficiently by developing strong internal teams built on great communication.

"Success doesn't come to you; you go to it." -T. Scott McLeod

Our management consulting services provides direction for the delivery of all key operations. From marketing, sales, buying, warehousing and finance, management consulting exists to enhance the management and coordination between each department, within the structure of the organisation. As part of this service, we will identify where the gaps and potential weaknesses exist that could hamper your ability to grow, and implement strategies to turn them into strengths.

To ensure the smooth running of your business, we will ensure:

  • There is a clear organisational structure that dictates how each department is run and processes are managed.
  • There are systems and a culture in place that facilitates coordination between each department.
  • By developing a clear organisational chart and detailed job descriptions, it ensures clarity of responsibility and the smooth running of day to day tasks. This document also outlines the internal reporting and communication process, from top management through to junior employees, so that everyone understands what is expected of them.

    In choosing SRM business consulting then you are hiring decades of experience and insight into effective business management. We will ensure every department is able to operate in a smooth and robust manner, and that ultimately your commercial objectives are met.

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