As SRM CONSULTING, we have been serving both domestic and international companies in Turkey since 1982. Our Corporate Office is located in Istanbul World Trade Centre Buildings, and we opened our first foreign office in the UK in 2016. Thus, we can inform our customers in the UK and Europe on-site, participate in reporting and administrative meetings, and therefore provide more efficient services to our international clientele.

With our two separate companies, we aim to provide the most comprehensive services to our customers in business matters:

SRM I SURMELI ACCOUNTING & TAX LIMITED Company is authorised by the Chamber of Public Accountants in Turkey and offers accounting, tax, payrolling, and audit services exclusively, whereas SRM I SURMELI BUSINESS CONSULTING LIMITED Company offers managerial services and is responsible for administrative consultancy and implementation.

We serve our clients with a team of 16 certified experts, who have been working together for many years.

We, as SRM CONSULTING family, will be happy to be your solution partner in all kinds of business matters in Turkey.


British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey

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Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants

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Business life can be likened to a treacherous journey. It presents considerable challenges such as competition, market conditions, payments and collections, developing new products and services. But perhaps, the most crucial one is the obligation to make new decisions all the time. The process may become even more daunting when the unknowns of the country you are investing in is considered.

This is where we, as SRM CONSULTING family, step in. As we know that every contribution to your decision-making process is vital to your success, we take you by hand, guide you in your operations in Turkey, and provide unabated support from the set-up phase to the administrative support services. This way, you channel your entire energy to your business.

Rest assured that SRM CONSULTING will gladly illuminate your way as you embark upon this quest!

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